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Core Values

We at Anco pride ourselves in our commitment to these 5 values.


Passion: A love of building and construction is what inspired the Colina brothers to create Anco in 1969. As San Francisco natives, a love of the bay and a desire to see it flourish keeps the people of Anco doing their best work EVERY day.


Integrity: A good price can get anyone a contract, but it is the integrity of our team that keeps the relationships we have with our partners strong. Companies choose to continue relying on us because they can rest easy knowing that every job is done correctly, quickly and diligently.


Growth: Anco believes that there is always room for improvement. As time goes on, the construction industry is constantly changing and evolving. Anco is a leader in the local minority-owned, small-business field and thrives on progression.


Positivity: Anco believes in empowering its employees. By treating our employees with dignity and care, we strive to create an environment where our employees feel invested in the company and attached to the quality of work we provide.


Going Green: Anco believes it is our responsibility to help reduce our carbon footprint. Steel is one of the most sustainable and recyclable building materials in the world. Anco prides itself in providing a build material that can be recycled and reused.


Block 50 at Hunters Point

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