Core Values

Anco prides itself in its 5 core values that are belived by Anco to be necessary to succeed in todays industry.


Passion: Passion for the construction industry is what started Anco in the first place. Passion is what keeps the people of Anco doing their best each and every day at work not only for themselves but for the good of the company and community.


Integrity: Anco strongly believes that integrity is imperative to keeping good relationships between clients. It is with these relationships that Anco is successful and thus ensures that every job is done correctly, fast and with the utmost integrity.


Growth: Anco belives that there is always room for improvemnet. As time goes on, the construction industry is constantly changing and evolving. Anco is a leader in the small minority business field in these changes and thrives on progression.


Positivity: Positivity is neccesary to create the great work environment. Anco believes in empowering its employees. This is crucial to getting the job done right and on time.


Going Green: Anco belives it is their responsibility to help reduce their carbon footprint. Steel is one of the most sustainable building materials in the world. A steel building can last hundreds of years and requires much less maintance then a  building made of wood. It can also be recycled and creates much less waste then a wooden structure that needs to be torn down. Anco takes pride in looking for new ways to remain green whether it is as small as bidding on the computer to save paper to seeking out LEED projects.


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